Independent, Trusted, Insured

Specialised, compliant and experienced – all words are identical with Reliasys Umbrella. We provide a fast, reliable and hassle-free umbrella solution for the hardworking contractors. Remaining committed to searching out new ways of further improving standards within the industry and making the lives of our contractors REAL EASY, is what we thrive for.

Our Commitments

Compliance: We are deeply committed to the laws and regulations.

Same-day-pay: We are committed to a fast, reliable and efficient service to our clients.

Living Wage Commitment: We care for our employees and we’re fully committed to providing the living wage to our employees.

Contractors like to work with us because they get what they expect from a prudent Umbrella Company. Our service is different from the others for the simple reason “We CARE” for our employee contractors and focus on providing an outstanding customer service. With us you can ensure a better work/life balance as we deal with the administration headaches and pay you right every time!

T:   0203 500 2615
Email: Reliasys
Team Partner
Innovator of the Year 2008 & finalist 2009
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