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Evolve CS

Evolve CS Group is a new umbrella company designed with compliance and innovation in mind. Our mission is simple: To better the quality of the industry by delivering services with innovation, originality and creativity.  

Unlike most umbrella companies, we use technology to create tax transparency. When funds are processed your payslip will upload to a dedicated worker portal. We also share it immediately with your agency, which is extremely useful for public sector workers, where providing payslips can be mandatory and copies of your payslips may be requested by agencies in order to ensure compliance with the IR35 rules.

We've taken innovative ideas from other industries such as IT and Finance to improve our companies competitiveness through greater efficiencies.

We want you to feel confident that you know you're in safe hands when you get off the phone. So, we've set the standard for customer care by consistently training all staff to a high standard and on customer care ability.

Couple the smart tech, innovation and compliance with:

- Market leading insurance cover
- Longer opening hours
- Advance payments
- Faster payments
- SMS pay alerts
- Dedicated online portals
- Multiple daily payrolls a week

It's clear why Evolve CS Group is the number one choice as your Umbrella Company.

T:   020 3744 1229
Email: Evolve CS
Team Partner
Innovator of the Year 2008 & finalist 2009
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