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At Azure Global the companies we work with are more than just clients. Our team have a collective of over 30 years industry experience and understand what’s important for both our clients and operatives. Therefore, we work to ensure this through building a quality service with compliance and customer experience at the heart of what we do. Our agencies know they are working with an umbrella that they can trust.


We work to ensure our agency service is personal and are tailored to you, as we understand that every business has unique needs and goals. It is our mission to make sure your business runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible.


We care about our contractors. That’s why we built our service with contractors in mind. Our Umbrella payments allow operatives on fixed term contracts to be paid via Azure Global after tax and national insurance contributions are deducted. Perfect for those working on a variety of assignments, on both long and short term contracts, without the hassle of multiple employers.

T:   01383 324886
The following registered company numbers confirm the companies that have been considered as part of the Professional Passport compliance review for Azure Global
SC584247 SC661945 SC663157 SC663142
Please check the details of the company you are dealing with as we have had instances of companies that have not been reviewed by us using similar names and this has caused confusion. If the company is not listed here then it has not been reviewed and we would ask you to let us know this through our Report a Concern form.
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