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Make sure you keep upto date with our Approved Providers and ensure claims of compliance accreditation are genuine.

We have had several instances recently with companies being falsely told by some providers that they hold Professional Passport Approved Provider Status.

This issue always seems to raise its head when there are pressures from companies to only use providers with a track record of compliance.

We stopped issuing provider certificates as these were being copied, now we point all companies to our approved provider listings on the website.

By always referring to the listings on the site you can ensure you are working with the most up to date list of providers that have maintained their compliance verification with us.

We recommend the listings are checked quarterly, as a minimum.

Following feedback, we have also created a downloadable spreadsheet from the page that makes it simple to see all providers and the categories they hold approval for.

If you come across a provider claiming to be approved, or using our approved provider logos, please let us know immediately and we will deal with it.

Professional Passport are unable to approve any provider offering offshore arrangements, Elective Deduction Model, Payday by Payday, loans or creating contrived arrangements to exploit the Employers National Insurance rebates. If you have any concerns or queries feel free to email us.

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