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Octopaye the UKs fastest and most efficient cloud payroll software, built specifically by industry experts for the UK recruitment market; Octopaye is the only payroll platform your business will ever need.

Used by umbrella companies, payroll bureaus, accountancies and recruitment organisations; Octopaye is the only cloud-based payroll platform to include CRM functionality, AWR automation and comprehensive document management.

Multiple user interface, with no limit on User numbers - Vastly reduces processing time and minimises the need for manual intervention.

  • White-labelled – produce branded payslips and candidate portal as well as branded platform.
  • Produces 500 payslips a second
  • Comprehensive suite of payroll models and payment structures.
  • Multi-Entity structure enabling multi-company payments via a central dashboard.
  • Unlimited Users
  • One Click Payroll
  • Hosted on AWS cloud, accessible from anywhere so no need for physical servers
  • Open to API so seamlessly integrates with third parties (Accounting systems, e-signature, ID verification, Pensions etc.)
  • Simple Commercial structure
  • UK based support

Please get in touch with our Sales team on 01260 544 604 to learn more or arrange a product tour.

T:   01260 544 600
Email: Octopaye
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