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My Digital

We are My Digital

Founded in 2015 as the first cloud-based umbrella payroll software in the country.

Today we’re a complete SaaS Payroll & Accounts suite powering the UK's flexible workforce market

We're empowering employment businesses like Umbrella, CIS, PEO, PSC, Recruitment Agencies with:

  • unmatched operational efficiency
  • scalability and geographical freedom
  • cutting-edge technology and tech-enabled compliance -at the same time, we create an excellent user experience for your contractors

Sit back, relax and watch:

  • as My Digital Payroll software does all the heavy lifting -how tech enables you to do things faster, cheaper, and smarter -as the number of positive contractor reviews and referrals increases -while complaints shrink down

Our software provides transparency and speeds up the core processes needed to manage tomorrow’s digital quantum-employed workforce.

From recording a single minute of work on a timesheet to paying the contractor and reporting to HMRC. Plus everything in-between.

T:   0161 925 6162
Email: My Digital
Team Partner
Innovator of the Year 2008 & finalist 2009
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