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The REMIT service

REMIT will sit between the recruitment company and the contractors PSC. This allows REMIT to remove all the risks and liabilities proposed by the changes from the recruitment company or engager.

By removing the risks from the third parties REMIT will be able to take make expert decisions based on the facts of each assignment and ensure compliance to the new rules.

The finer points are yet to be decide as this can only happen once the legislation is released on 5th December although recruitment companies placing workers in the sector can be confident that Professional Passport will be in a position to help and support all those affected by these changes.

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The REMIT Service

Using REMIT will be a simple process for providers servicing clients within the public sector and affected by the new rules.

1. The recruitment company will engage REMIT to act. REMIT will receive and process all payments to the workers PSC's. This is the critical step as it removes all the risks of liabilities from the recruitment company and passes the responsibility to REMIT.

2. The recruitment company will submit electronically all the payments to be made using a standard template.

3. REMIT will assess the status of each assignment and confirm this to the contractor.

4. When cleared funds are received REMIT will process the payments in line with the assignment status and legislative requirements.

5. Where providers and/or contractors are registered directly with REMIT then they will cover the small transaction charges that apply effectively making it free in those instances for recruiters. Where there is no registration a small transaction fee will be advised and added to the expected remittance.

6. A full transaction report will be sent to the provider and contractor so that their accounting software can be kept fully up to date.

Final details will be confirmed once we have reviewed and assessed the legislation which is due to be released on 5th December.

Whilst REMIT has been specifically designed to deal with the public sector recruitment companies will be able to use the service to simplify their payment processes to all their PSC workers.

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