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See our list of audited contractor umbrella and accountancy service providers

Professional Passport is a completely independent organisation and as such is able to accurately assess any offerings without any commercial pressures.

We would like to make it clear that we do not receive any commissions from providers where you select to use their services.

Professional Passport does not favour any particular operating structure over another and believes that contractors should choose the right operating structure for them based on their personal circumstances.

Professional Passport only audits Umbrella, CIS and Accountancy Service solutions for contractors working in the UK. Some providers offer additional solutions including services for contractors working overseas, these services are not currently audited by Professional Passport.

Contractors can take reassurance from the fact that Professional Passport can also be liable under the debt transfer rules. This fact ensures that we always operate to the highest standard and will only deal with providers that we believe to be compliant; and just to reiterate we do not take any commissions from providers where you select to use their services.


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> Email: AppPay

> T: 020 7048 0166

available on ipad
available on ipad
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