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Professional Passport working to raise the standards
See our list of audited contractor umbrella and accountancy service providers

Professional Passport is a completely independent organisation and as such is able to accurately assess any offerings without any commercial pressures.

We would like to make it clear that we do not receive any commissions from providers where you select to use their services.

Professional Passport does not favour any particular operating structure over another and believes that contractors should choose the right operating structure for them based on their personal circumstances.

Professional Passport only audits Umbrella, CIS and Accountancy Service solutions for contractors working in the UK. Some providers offer additional solutions including services for contractors working overseas, these services are not currently audited by Professional Passport.

Contractors can take reassurance from the fact that Professional Passport can also be liable under the debt transfer rules. This fact ensures that we always operate to the highest standard and will only deal with providers that we believe to be compliant; and just to reiterate we do not take any commissions from providers where you select to use their services.

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Our approved providers are:

Senigpay has grown out of our accounting practice, Seniguk Consulting Limited. For the last several years, we have been specialising in accounting for contractor workers,  locum doctors, social and care workers and IT contractors.

We have seen many instances where we could help our clients much more than simply working on their accounts and decided to do something about it. As a complimentary umbrella company, we are able to offer an all-round service to you and take any worries and concerns about compliance with HMRC out of your hands.

We understand how you have to work in each of your sectors, what systems you have to deal with, and what you need to maintain peace of mind. Especially with changes of rules of IR35 around payments to limited companies working in the public sector, it’s more important now than ever to make sure you are fully complaint to IR35. We can also advise whether you are under SDC (supervision, Direction and Control) or NOT when using Senigpay Umbrella. our friendly team will be able to provide a tailored advise to suit your need.

Our aim is to provide a real, competitive alternative in this industry, and to create more job opportunities by providing an effective umbrella payroll service that is HMRC fully complaint.

Benefits of joining Senigpay umbrella payroll service;

We would take off your shoulder, the weight of trying to keep up with the any changes in the IR35 rules and make sure you are fully complaint whilst you focus on what you do best!

Being legally responsible for your own limited company can be a daunting enough prospect, never mind all the extra time you’ll need to spend managing all of your company’s books and filing of year ends account. Senigpay can take all that away, returning you to a PAYE structure while still remaining independent, so you can get on with your job.

The same is true for those new to contracting, especially with a contract due to start at very short notice or if you are a contractor working in Multi sites or in between temporary contracting jobs. It takes just a few minutes to register with us and then the process is simple to get you up and running on our system. Your employment will be completely straightforward, without you having to jump through multiple hoops, and fully compliant with HMRC.

Wherever your work takes you, you’ll know that you can rely on the same team for your pay, and that the Umbrella company will keep your pay and admin consistent and fully compliant at a competitive rate.

And let’s not forget, the umbrella company will also cover your work insurance, protect your rights to sick pay and maternity pay, and set up a pension scheme for you.

INTERESTED in joining? Please contact our friendly team or leave us a message we would be happy to give you a tailored advise to suit your need.


> Email: Senigpay

> T: 02074276054

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