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Validation services FAQ's
Should I get my own certificate?

In building a solution for contractors we have also been able to provide an electronic system for the agencies, end clients and providers to use. In the long term we hope this will reduce the numbers of requests on contractors to produce their sensitive documents. Whilst this service will reduce the numbers of these requests, contractors will still have to supply sensitive information to the agencies to allow them to use the electronic validation.

If you are concerned about supplying any of this highly sensitive information to third parties, obtaining your own portable certificate provides an answer. This means you supply the information once through Professional Passport to allow us to carry out the validation and from that point forward use your Professional Passport certificate to satisfy requests. As mentioned previously certificates hold no sensitive information.

We can also assure contractors that Professional Passport's privacy policy means that we do not make available or sell any of your data to third parties, we do not allow any active or direct marketing to our members and the only third parties that see any information are those that are involved in the delivery of the service. In these instances, there are agreements in place to prevent the third parties marketing to members or selling any data to other parties. In essence we have no intention of using any of our members information as a way of generating revenues or exposing them to unwanted approaches.

Any adverts or listings on the site are provided for members information. If our members have any interest in these services it is they that have to initiate the enquiry.

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available on ipad
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