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Validation services FAQ's
Will my agency accept my certificate?

This process has been designed in conjunction with a number of the larger agencies, end clients and providers who understand the contractors concerns.

This is a new service and so will take time to be adopted by agencies, although we already have a number that are signed up to accepting the certificates. We are currently in active discussions with many others who are in the process of carrying out their appropriate due diligence before confirming their acceptance.

Agencies can register to accept the certificates for free and there is no cost to them in authenticating a certificate; therefore we believe there are very few reasons why they would not accept the certificates as they can provide considerable cost savings against their current processes.

One of the unique aspects of Professional Passport is that we work with all sectors in the market; contractors, agencies, end clients and providers. In the case of our electronic validation we have built the systems to allow all sectors to have their own electronic process aligned to their regulatory requirements. This should significantly reduce the requests on contractors for copies of sensitive documents in the long term, however it will also still require you to provide details relating to the sensitive documents and our members told us that this was still a concern. Where this concern exists the certificate can provide the answer as you are not required to share any personal information as part of the certificate authentication.

If you still have concerns over whether your agency will accept a Professional Passport certificate feel free to send us your agency details and we will approach them directly to discuss the service.

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available on ipad
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