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Validation services FAQ's
How does the certificate protect me from identity theft?

The certificate you supply to the agency [or end client and provider] contains no sensitive information. You supply some basic details that allows an agency to check that the certificate presented is a genuine Professional Passport certificate and matches the person presenting it.

The agencies do not see or have access to, any of the information provided by you in completing your validation; therefore there is no sensitive information that can be used to steal an identity.

Our systems are built using the same platforms used by many banks. A relatively new development in banking is the ability for a bank to now open a new account without you having to supply copies of sensitive personal documents. They do ask you for a selection of details such as a passport number, amongst others, that is then electronically verified to ensure you are who you say you are. This is supported by specific guidance issued by The Joint Money Laundering Steering Group [JMLSG]. Our system works in exactly the same way.

There are many 'cheap' alternatives on the market however our research showed that many of these would not be acceptable to many clients used by our members. For this reason we have developed our system in line with probably the most robust and secure services currently available in this market.

If identity theft is an issue for you, we recommend you also review your cv; in our experience many cv's contain too much personal information and certainly enough for an identity to be stolen.

Members can obtain further information and guidance on this on our Reduce ID theft risks page.


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available on ipad
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