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Off-Payroll Support
The most comprehensive support package on the market

Professional Passport has already carried out a significant number of workshops for both recruiters and their clients which have been well received and generating additional business for the recruitment companies.

We have now taken all the feedback from these sessions and put together a support package that we believe is the most comprehensive and secure package in the market.

At the core of Professional Passport’s offering has always been to ensure that our agency and end user clients have full and rounded protection, providing complete confidence in relying on Professional Passport compliance accreditations. Our new offerings will seek to deliver the same assurances to all our clients.

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Full Assessments - Insured. Supply Chain Compliance Management - Insured

We have been working on this for sometime and are now pleased to confirm that Professional Passport has teamed up with the Contractor Calculator team to utilise their excellent IR35 Shield tool to support recruiters and end clients.

The enhanced toolbox will not only provide an accurate assessment of status but it can also provide essential guidance to help and inform on the reasons behind specific outcomes. Allowing a clear and transparent decision process for you and your clients to determine the correct relationship and status.

The toolbox will also provide the summary decision details for the contractors as part of the process, ensuring you are able to easily meet your obligations under the proposed legalisation.

Where an ‘outside’ decision is reached and confirmed this will have an insurance covering both potential tax liabilities as well as professional fees cover.

Where assessments are ‘inside’ and workers are operating through umbrella companies the new enhanced Professional Passport tool will automatically generate checks to ensure that workers are operating through a compliant approved Professional Passport provider.

This enhancement means that your end clients have complete visibility of supply chain compliance at all times.

To the best of our knowledge our offering is the only end to end supply chain compliance offering for off-payroll covering both assessments and provider compliance.

Workshops and Seminars

We have updated our workshops and seminars in light of the consultation document as well as now including more information on the complete support package we are able to offer both recruitment companies and end clients.

The sessions last for 1.5 - 2 hours and can be constructed as a series to ensure ongoing engagement with the clients throughout the process.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and to see how we can support you.

Feedback from the sessions already run has been positive with recruiters reporting increased business as a direct result. A real opportunity for those that get on the pitch early with this.

Training Sessions

Ensuring your sales team are fully up to speed and informed on the processes and how to use our toolbox is an essential element of success.

We have developed a series of training sessions to support recruiters and their sales teams.

Ongoing Support

We are able to design bespoke support packages to partner with recruitment companies in delivering the support, guidance and direction to their end clients including a complete supply chain compliance audit.

To find out how we can support you and help deliver the most comprehensive support package to you and your clients contact us immediately.

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