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The readymade PSL of our approved providers offers the only insurance backed PSL accreditation on the market and provides our recruitment company members with £5,000,000 of insurance.

As a completely independent organisation we are able to accurately assess any offerings without any commercial pressures.

We would like to make it clear that we do not receive any commissions from providers where you select to use their services.

Professional Passport does not favour any particular operating structure over another and believes that contractors should choose the right operating structure based on their personal circumstances.

We have developed a set of compliance standards to assess and review providers of services to contractors, in the key high risk areas:

  • Accountancy services
  • Umbrella
  • Joint Employment
  • CIS

Professional Passport only reviews services for contractors working in the UK. Some providers offer additional services including services for contractors working overseas these services are not currently reviewed by Professional Passport.

Agencies can take reassurance because we provide a unique £5,000,000 insurance for complete protection. To be covered by this the recruitment company must be a member and it only relates to our approved providers as listed on the site.

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Our approved providers are:

As a market leader, Sterling hold preferred supplier status with major UK recruitment agencies, offering services enabling them to work more efficiently and cost effectively and also ensuring contractors benefit from bespoke streamlined processes whilst maximising their income. The service we provide always has been and always will be of paramount importance.

We are now in our fifteenth year of trading and can confidently say that we have always remained compliant and have adapted our services over the years as and when required due to legislation changes whilst keeping our contractors satisfied. We offer a comprehensive insurance package including Employers, Public, Professional Indemnity, Offshore and Personal Accident at work insurance.

Based on your circumstances we have three routes to offer contractors, our employed route; Sterling Umbrella, our self-employed route for contractors; Sterling CIS, and our self-employed route for all other industries; Sterling Techserv.

In a recent survey 99% of our contractors stated that they were happy with the service they receive from Sterling. So why not become another happy contractor and join the thousands of contractors already enjoying the benefits of Sterling.


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> T: 01925 626200

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