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The readymade PSL of our approved providers offers the only insurance backed PSL accreditation on the market and provides our recruitment company members with £5,000,000 of insurance.

As a completely independent organisation we are able to accurately assess any offerings without any commercial pressures.

We would like to make it clear that we do not receive any commissions from providers where you select to use their services.

Professional Passport does not favour any particular operating structure over another and believes that contractors should choose the right operating structure based on their personal circumstances.

We have developed a set of compliance standards to assess and review providers of services to contractors, in the key high risk areas:

  • Accountancy services
  • Umbrella
  • Joint Employment
  • CIS

Professional Passport only reviews services for contractors working in the UK. Some providers offer additional services including services for contractors working overseas these services are not currently reviewed by Professional Passport.

Agencies can take reassurance because we provide a unique £5,000,000 insurance for complete protection. To be covered by this the recruitment company must be a member and it only relates to our approved providers as listed on the site.

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Our approved providers are:
Core Finance Management

Core Finance Management provide Umbrella and CIS financial services for contractors, consultants and flexible workers. We understand the need for fast, accurate and reliable solutions and pride ourselves on being able to offer a range of solutions to suit a variety of workers. Our team will assess everyone’s personal requirements and recommend the best solution to perfectly fit their needs. Companies are allocated a dedicated account manager to ensure that the service both you and each of your candidates receive is second-to-none. We pride ourselves in working hard to maintain strong relationships and as such, can react to any changes our clients require and realign their solution accordingly.

The Core Finance Group are at the forefront of compliance; we strive to offer a variety of products which will suit your contractors' needs, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Benefits to your business

  • Full employers, public liability and professional indemnity cover is provided reducing the statutory and professional risk profile for you.
  • Strict ID verification process to minimise the risk of money laundering and fraud – new workers can be ready to start within 24 hours.
  • Reduced administration for your accounts department – pay all your workers with one bank transfer.
  • No risks to you regarding IR35, Managed Service Company legislation or third-party debt transference.
  • Fully accredited by Professional Passport and Prism.

Contractor Benefits

  • Friendly, reliable and personalised service.
  • Money is paid on the same day we receive it.
  • Full insurance – employer’s liability, public liability and professional indemnity provided by Jelf Manson Ltd.
  • The employee need only submit a timesheet and expenses claim form, we work out the rest.
  • Competitive margins – plus we’ll try to beat any other competitor quotes.


> Email: Core Finance Management

> T: 0800 211 8121

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