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Register here to receive your own free copy of our expert Agency Workers Regulation guide.


"This is an excellent guide and a real eye opener on points that need to be considered when engaging with a provider.  The AWR cannot be treated as an isolated piece of legislation; there are 'dotted lines' to a whole raft of laws that need to be considered, and this guide has drawn them together in a positive and pragmatic way to assist the agency in determining compliant ways forward."

Karen Ainsworth
Legal Services
Resource Solutions Group Plc


With over 50 pages of useful information the guide covers everything you need to know about how the Agency Workers Regulation impacts on relationships with service providers and explains, in detail, the following aspects:

  • Traditional Umbrella
  • Swedish Derogation
  • Limited Companies
  • Pay Between Assignment
  • Comparable Pay

It also covers wider legislation such as:

  • MSC Legislation
  • Debt Transfer Rules
  • IR35
  • as well as AWR of course

The AWR guide is designed to help you, the agency, more easily understand how to develop your relationships with providers to meet the requirements of the regulations whislt remaining safe from other legislation. It is also packed with easy to follow charts and diagrams.


"At last a document that translates the Regulations in to workable business solutions .... An essential step by step guide for all recruitment companies who want to assess the viability of each solution. It will enable us to develop positive and proactive presentations to our clients which demonstrate we have a comprehensive understanding. Informative, balanced and extremely useful."

Stephen Rookes
Group Commercial and Legal Director
NES Group


On registering you will receive a hard copy of The Recruiters Guide through the post.

Please note: The guide will only be sent to recognised recruitment companies identified from the email address provided.

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