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Debt transfer FAQs
How can you offer this level of protection to the agencies?

Professional Passport, in relation to our MSC and debt transfer support services which is only one aspect of our services to agencies, has designed a total operating process in relation to the legislation. As you would have read in many of the previous Q&As, there are two aspects that have to be considered to ensure compliance:

  • Assessment of providers compliance
  • Internal operating processes and procedures

Professional Passport has addressed both these issues. Our audit, as mentioned previously, goes far beyond any due diligence that an agency could reasonably be expected to carry out and as such puts us in a position where we feel we are able to positively recommend providers to contractors without the threat of future action.

We have also designed a solution that gives agencies full operating processes and procedures that ensures they are taking no action that would bring them within the scope of the legislation. Simply put, if you take no action that brings you within the scope of the legislation then the legislation cannot apply; if the legislation does not apply then there is no risk of an agency getting a debt transfer notice.

As a further belt and braces to our approach we have had our audit process and operating procedures underwritten by insurers and include £5,000,000 of insurance, against debt transfer, for every agency using the service.

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