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Debt transfer FAQs
Should we operate a PSL?

All the reasons why agencies operated PSLs in the past are still valid today. Furthermore, HMRC has made it clear that they would like to encourage the use of PSLs by agencies as they see this as a way of achieving compliance.

There are two fundamental issues for the agencies looking to operate a PSL

Whether they have the right level of in house expertise to be able to apply a robust, demonstrable and ongoing process of due diligence to the required standard that protects them not only from liabilities under debt transfer but also against any action under duty of care.

The cost associated with the ongoing management of a PSL to the required standard.

Whilst an agency is perfectly at will to operate a PSL, we believe that the costs become restrictive. The Professional Passport managed PSL, allows agencies to give their contractors access to a PSL listing that we manage centrally. Therefore we only have to carry out due diligence once and can share this with many agencies making the costs far more affordable.

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